• 6th and 8th Grade Language Arts Literacy Rules, Procedures and Materials
    Mrs. Livingood, Ms. Cilinski, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Skelton, Mrs. Travers, Ms. Stierman
    Student Success Code
    ➢ Be Present and On Time
    ➢ Bring All Learning Materials With You
    ➢ Respect Other People and Their Property
    ➢ Be Prepared To Participate Expectations
    ➢ Act maturely by not talking or causing disruptions during instruction
    ➢ Stay in your seat and complete tasks in an orderly fashion
    ➢ Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself
    ➢ Inform your teacher if there is a problem or concern
    ➢ Practice Common Courtesy: Use words and actions that regard and treat people humanely, Show consideration for others, Use words that communicate remorse when a mistake is made
    1. Verbal warning.
    2. Detention-served before school/after school. If the behavior isn’t corrected immediately, referral to the office, phone call home, parent conference.
    3. Repeated detentions: meeting with student, parents, administrator and teacher.
    4. Follow the Code of Conduct for any of the following disruptions: · Insubordination Fighting/Use of Force · Bias Acts Theft · Damage to Property Bullying · Cursing Harassment
    Materials and Procedures Materials:
    1 Multi Subject Notebook with pockets
    Generous supply of pencils
    2 2-pocket folders
    Ear buds
    Optional: 3 ring binder, Highlighters, Clipboard, eraser caps, tissues and Clorox wipes
    Fire Drills: Follow instructions at the front of the room. You also need to be quiet and keep your hands and feet to yourself during fire drills.
    Absenteeism: All work must be made up if you are absent from school. You will have three days to turn in work that is owed. Make arrangements on the day of your return to come after school to get the work you’ve missed. It is your responsibility to make up all missed works in the time allowed. There is also a “Missed Work” folder on the board near my desk that you should check.
    Compositions/Essays: Compositions are equal to a test grade. Prewriting, planning, and some drafting is often done within the class period. Most published or “final” drafts as well as some drafting will be completed as homework. Because some of the writing is done at home, it is imperative that the student complete all homework assignments (some homework assignments will be graded as a quiz or a test). The student may be graded on the whole process or steps in the process, not just the finished piece. Occasionally prewriting will be used as a quiz grade as follows: check plus, check, or check minus depending on the amount of thought and effort put into the process.
    Tests and quizzes: Tests are given as needed. Tests are always announced at least the night before. Tests may include one, some, or all of the following: multiple choice, short answer, true/false, open-ended, and essay. Quizzes may or may not be announced. Classwork: classwork is graded per teacher’s discretion. Work may be given a number grade or be graded with a check plus, check, check minus, as per the Genesis grading system.
    Homework: Homework will be given each night. Occasionally homework will be graded as a quiz. Homework not turned in will receive a grade of zero. Students are expected to review their daily class lesson as part of their nightly homework completion so that they are well-prepared for the next day’s lesson. This may include reading text selections, copying notes, completing vocabulary KIM charts, or occasionally completing a writing assignment. If a student is having difficulty with an assignment, it is his or her responsibility to see me prior to the day the assignment is due. Students can email me before 8PM in the evening to schedule a before school meeting for the next morning.
    Action 100/Independent Reading: You must have an Action 100 book with you at all times! This means every LA class period. This is part of your class participation grade. If you do not have an Action 100 book with you, it will result in a zero. We will have Independent Reading in class . However, occasionally students take longer with some assignments and need a quiet environment to complete their work. If you finish an assignment early, you will be expected to read unless there are other instructions.
    Speaking and Listening: You may be preparing and presenting a number of speeches and presentations. These may be individual or group presentations. E will be learning public speaking. Students will be expected to implement the techniques they learn in class. Presentations may be graded. Grades: Compositions: All writing will be graded using PARRC rubrics. Student will receive a rubric detailing each grade. The rubric grades will be paired with Belmar’s grading system. https://parcc.pearson.com/resources/practice-tests/english/Grade6-11-ELA-LiteracyScoringRubric-July2015.pdf
    Selection Tests and Quizzes: Selection test grades (novels & selections from the literature textbook) are based on the number or questions on the test including the vocabulary, open ended questions and composition. Quizzes will be given periodically. Vocabulary KIM charts per reading selection. Ten words with activities done using a modified Frayer model. Vocabulary is a combination of teacher selected and student identified words. A minimum of ten per selection will be required. This will count as a test grade.
    FINAL GRADE: Student’s final grade is determined by an average of tests, quizzes, writing assignments, vocabulary assignments, class participation and group projects, classwork and homework.