Welcome to Belmar’s art web site
    The art curriculum is broken down into units based on the element of art and the principles of design. The elements of art are… line, color, space, shape,  texture, value and form. Through the use of technology, visual aides and hands on projects the students will also learn about periods in art history as well as famous artists, and various artistic techniques.

    The students in grades kindergarten through 1st grade create weekly hands on art projects which help to reinforce and improveme upon all of their basic fine motor skills.

    The middle grade levels will learn and study all of the elements of art while incorporating those elements into hands-on projects.They will also ficus on the Principles of design as alligned with the NJ State core curriculum standards.
    The upper level students will also be learning and studing all of the elements of art and Principles of Design through technology, hands-on projects,  critique and Art History.
    Mrs. DeCotiis