Welcome to Pre-K!
    I am very excited to have your children in my Pre-School  Class this year.
    We are  using the curriculum Tools of The Mind.
    It is all about self regulation, which develops self discipline andapple  the motivation to succeed.
    The main focus is the development of both cognitive and social-emotional self regulation at the same time that academic skills are taught.
    Self Regulation Promotes:
    *The ability to stay on task
    *Ignore distractions
    *Hold two strategies in mind at the same time
    *Develop self-discipline
    *Plan one's actions
    *Cooperate with peers
    These strategies heavily influence a child's future success in school.
    Visit the Tools of The Mind Website for additional information  www.toolsofthemind.org
    Mrs. Dahrouge
    Room B13
    732.681.2388 ext 1013
                                                                                                               We are shading out the Bullies!!!
    Mr. and Mrs. Wartman treated us to a Halloween Story and pumpkin decorating
    Visit 2
    Mrs. Hernandez shared a fall story and craft with the class!  
    Visit 4
    Mr. and Mrs. D'Antuono read the class an animal surfing story and created surf boards with the class.