Mrs. Brown's Class
    Welcome to 3rd Grade!
    What does a typical day in 3rd grade look like?
    Mrs. Brown's 3rd Grade Schedule
      Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    8:05-8:15 Arrival
    8:15-9:08 Daily 5 Daily 5 Daily 5 Daily 5 Daily 5/ Test
    9:08-9:56 Daily 5 Daily 5 Daily 5 Daily 5 Daily 5
    9:56-10:35 Writing Writing Writing /
    Library 9:50-10:10
    Writing Writing
    10:15-10:35 S.S/Science S.S/Science S.S/Science S.S/Science S.S/Science
    10:35-11:45 Specials
    11:45-12:20 S.S/Science S.S/Science S.S/Science S.S/Science S.S/Science
    12:20-1:05 Lunch
    12:35-1:05 Recess
    1:05-2:45 Math Math Math Math Math
    2:45-2:55 Pack Up/Agendas/ Dismissal
    Semester 1                                 Semester 2
    Day 1: Computers                      Day 1: Music
    Day 2: Gym                               Day 2: Gym
    Day 3: Art                                 Day 3: Spanish
     Links to help your 3rd grader:
    In order for your child to fully read to his or her best ability, 30 minutes of reading must be completed nightly. The more involved you are in your child's reading, the better ability he/she will have to master comprehension strategies.
    • From time to time, I may have additional homework (mostly unfinished work or test prep work) to complete. These are important and do account for part of their final grade.  
    • By third grade, we are reading chapter books that interest us and have a reading stamina of at least 30 minutes. 
    •  I have signed our class up for Scholastic Reading Club. When you purchase books for your child to read, Scholastic donates credits to help build our class library. The class code to order online is:  NFJKJBumblebee
    I am looking forward to another great year with a wonderful class! 
    Mrs. Brown