• LDT-C 
    Mrs. Rebecca Kopet - kopet

    The Learning Disability Teacher Consultant's role is to conduct educational evaluations, develop individual educational plans, and case manage students.  Educational Evaluations are performed as part of a Child Study Team Initial or Re-evaluation.  Assessments produce a portrait of a child's academic functioning and a comprehensive view of their achievement in reading, math, writing, and listening at a given time. In addition, educational evaluations shed light on a student's preferred multiple intelligence and learning style. 

    School Psychologist
    Mrs. Amanda Fabiano - kaplan

     Psychological evaluations are performed as part of the Child Study Team Initial or Re-evaluation. Psychological testing involves assessments of children's cognitive ability and social/emotional adjustment as they effect school performance. The psychologist develops IEPs and case manages for students within and out-of-district.

    School Social Worker - 
    Mrs. M.T. Hennessy -

    As the school social worker, I provide counseling to our special education students and assistance to parents in terms of their relationship with their children. I also help with the evaluation of children who are experiencing learning problems in school. My role is to explore the developmental history of the child with the parent or guardian.

    The Special Education Program

    The special needs students at Belmar Elementary receive supportive instruction, in the least restrictive environment, in the subject areas of Math, Reading, and Language Arts. Varied instructional strategies and reinforcement techniques enable the students to become more proficient in these subjects.

    Resource Center and special class placements enable students to receive the appropriate level of service in both regular education and special education.

    The teachers who work with the special needs children work in conjunction with the Child Study Team.

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    Special Education Needs for Children Ages 3 to 21

    The Belmar Board of Education is asking parents of children ages 3 to 21 to contact the Belmar Elementary School’s Child Study Team at 732.280.9184 if they suspect their child may be disabled.

    The disability may be due to a physical, sensory, emotional, communicative, cognitive or social difficulties. This service is available to all residents of Belmar, Lake Como, migrant workers or homeless families.