science procedures

Science Policies and Procedures

  • Responsibilities: BELMAR BE's

    * Be here. Attend daily.

    * Be respectful. Listen to your teacher and your peers while they are talking. Clean up after yourself. Push your chair in when you leave. Keep your hands to yourself and DO NOT touch anyone’s belongings without their permission. Speak politely. I am respectful of you, please do the same.

    * Be responsible. Be prepared every day. If homework or a project is due, bring it. Always bring a pencil or a pen. Use the Portal to keep you up to date with your assignments. Complete all assignments on time. I will post your grades on my bulletin board every week. It is your responsibility to see if you are missing assignments so you can get a higher grade. YOU CAN DO IT!!!  

    * Be safe. Zero tolerance for playing with lab materials. Negativity or bullying in this classroom is extremely prohibited. Make this a safe and positive year!


    Consequences: My students use positive reinforcement in our classroom, so they always have a chance to make a better choice.  

    1. Warning

    2. Parent Phone Call

    3. Teacher Detention.

    4. Referral to the office


    District Wide Grading:

    * Homework- 10%

    * Demonstration of Learning and Classwork- 20%

    * Labs and Tests- 40%

    * Quizzes and Projects – 30%