As of the 2014-2105 school year, Belmar Elementary School started utilizing JOURNEYS COMMON CORE (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) as the central English Language Arts program in grades K-5. 
    Listed below are some key reasons for selecting this program:


    Makes the Common Core Accessible to Every Student

    With Common Core-based instruction integrated into every unit and lesson, Journeys Common Core provides the resources needed to plan and assess effectively, as well as teach and engage students. The All-in-One Journeys Common Core student text puts the Common Core Standards in the hands of every student so they take ownership and become immersed in their learning.

    Builds a Knowledge Base to Read Complex Text

    As students progress, one of their most important challenges is learning from—and about—complex text. To prepare students for this challenge, Journeys Common Core focuses on repeated reading of complex text, developing academic vocabulary, and close-reading skills. 

    Energizes the 21st-Century Student

    Journeys Common Core uses cutting-edge digital learning tools, including mobile apps and interactive whiteboard lessons to help teachers maximize their effectiveness and gets students engaged and excited about learning.

    Effective Use of Time

    Journeys Common Core gives easy-to-manage resources that will help minimize planning. All Common Core instruction is in one place, with everything  needed to make planning easy for all students. 

    Differentiating to Help Every Child Succeed

    Scaffolding and differentiation are part of everyday instruction in Journeys to ensure the needs of every child are met. 

    Comprehensive Assessment Tools

    Comprehensive assessment tools help monitor student progress, including the new assessment app that allows for real-time information. No more waiting until the weekly test! Going online with a computer or tablet device, students will be able to practice their reading skills through a series of daily practice activities and quizzes that will help them prepare for PARCC.


    Journeys © 2014 
    The Journeys scope and sequence below provides a brief outline of the Common Core Standards and a recommended teaching order for each particular grade-level:
    Kindergarten (5.1 MB) Grade 1 (4.7 MB) Grade 2 (4.7 MB)
    Grade 3 (4.8 MB) Grade 4 (4.8 MB) Grade 5 (4.8 MB)