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  • BES Schoolwires Cheat Sheet  (Link to Shared Google Presentation) Google Presentation  Link
  • How to Use Your School Web page (Link to Shared Google Presentation) Google Presentation  Link
  • Section Editor - Explains how to access your Section Workspace, create pages, work with apps and much more. PDF_ICON  Section_editor_helpcard.pdf
  • Assignment Help Card Assignment apps offer teachers and other educators the ability to organize assignments in a user-friendly manner within their sections. They can define unique categories for each assignment, assign due dates, and add detailed descriptions for each assignment if desired. They can also post assignments to their Section calendars. PDF_ICON  Assignment_Help_Card.pdf
  • Section Editor Workbook - This manual will provide you with a detailed view of what is possible with your webpage. PDF_ICON  Section editor workbook.pdf
  • Calendar App Covers importing events, managing event categories, creating events, creating registered events, posting assignments, sharing events and navigating the calendar on the end-user website. PDF_ICON  Calendar app help card.pdf
  • Pages and Apps Explains the relationship between pages and apps and the advanced app settings. Provides step-by-step directions for creating pages, changing page options and page layouts, working with apps and the App Manager. PDF_ICON  Pages and Apps helpcard.pdf