A fact sheet from the New Jersey Department of Health regarding MRSA is attached.  In addition, the following information is provided to help avoid incidents in our school community.




    What can everyone do to help prevent the spread of staph infections?

     1.      Cover skin infections and all open wounds with clean bandages.  Make sure your child wears clothing that covers the area. 

     2.      If your child does have a skin infection or open wound, please notify the school nurse.

     3.      Encourage your children to wash their hands often with soap and water throughout the day.

     4.     Discourage children from sharing personal items.

     5.      Launder athletic uniforms and other athletic clothing in hot water and dry them in a hot dryer.

     6.     Sanitize athletic equipment after use.



     What are we doing at school to help prevent the spread of staph infections?

     1.      If any staff member observes a child with an open wound, he or she will be referred to the nurse.

     2.      Encourage hand hygiene with soap and water before eating or after using the bathroom.

     3.     Clean and disinfect environmental surfaces.