• Physical Education Program
    The Wonderful World of Physical Education

    Grades K-2 Physical Education
    All students at Belmar Elementary School are required to participate in Physical Education classes.
    Grades K-2: As part of our program, it is required that all students have sneakers on days they have physical education classes. No student will be permitted to participate in gym classes without sneakers.  To be excused from physical education classes a student must present a note from a parent, guardian, doctor or school nurse. Students in grades K-2 are graded on understanding and applying concepts and skills and demonstration of effort, participation and cooperation.
    Grades are as follows:
    E - exceeds standards

    M- meets standards

    A-approaching standards

    N- needs support

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of us at 732-280-8267.
    Sincerely yours,
    Paul Charette, Wendy Callahan, Meg Feierstein
    Physical Education Instructors

    3rd-8th Grade Physical Education

    All 3-8th grade students will  receive a numerical grade for P.E. class.
    This grade is based on several criteria: preparation, attendance, sportsmanship, and team play.
    Preparation is essential to participate in physical education class, this means dressing out for gym. Each studentin grades 5-8 is issued a lock and a locker for the school year so they can bring in their gym clothes and have them for class. Dressing out means a change of clothes other than what you wore to school. It can include any types of shorts that are the required length, pants, sweat pants but no jeans.  A change of shirt, as long as it is not button down, low cut or midriff type. Sneakers that are tied or have Velcro are the preferred type. Grades 3-4 are required to wear sneakers.
    Attendance involves being in class, on time, and therefore can participate.

    Students will receive a “U” for each time they are not prepared for gym class.
    To be excused from class a student must present a note from either a parent, guardian, doctor or the school nurse.
    Please keep in mind that the state of New Jersey requires that all students in grades K-8 participate in and pass physical education each year.
    Physical Education Grading Procedures

    Team Play (participation) has to do with participating in the activities that are part of each PE class. Effort is a huge part of this grading criteria - which means does the student try their personal best to do the skills, drills, activities and games that are a part of the curriculum. Each student is graded daily on their effort in the class. 
    Sportsmanship (behavior) is how the student gets along with the other students in their class as well as the teacher. Do they follow directions, are they supportive of the teammates, are they both a good winner and loser, how do they handle events when they don’t go their way. These are the elements of sportsmanship for which they receive a grade. 

    In grades 5-8, students are issued locks and lockers and are required to change clothes for physical education classes. Gym clothes may be any of the following: shorts (any type), pants, sweat pants, t-shirts, sweat shirts and sneakers. Gym clothes are to be worn only in physical education classes. They may not wear their gym clothes back to class. They MUST change back into their school clothes.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of us, at 732-280-8267 or email us at basaman@belmar.k12.nj.us, charette@belmar.k12.nj.us callahan@belmar.k12.nj.us
    Sincerely yours,
    Brian Basaman, Paul Charette, Wendy Callahan
    Physical Education Instructors
    What A Difference A Year Makes!

    Look What's Happening in PE...

    The physical laws of motion, a vast variety of creative and efficient movements the body is capable of producing and manipulation of objects. This is done by exploring and then answering the following questions:
    1- Where can you move? (Space)
    2- What can you move? (Body awareness)
    3- How do you move? ( force, balance, weight transfer)
    4- How can you move better? (Time, flow)
    The students explore and answer these questions by using skill themes which include:
    Locomotor Skills
    chasing, fleeing, and dodging
    Nonmanipulative Skills
    transferring weight
    jumping & landing
    Manipulative Skills
    Striking w/ racquets
    Striking w/ long handle instruments
    All these skills prepare these students for Physical Education in grades 4-8.

    Activities included in our program include:

    Scooter ball
    Track & Field
    Physical Fitness
    Floor Hockey
    Frisbee/frisbee golf

    backyard games: ladder golf, spike ball, corn hole