The Belmar School District is proud of its role at the hub of our wonderful community.  Consistent with our mission of inspiring, uniting, and preparing our students to soar to excellence, it is our belief that children learn best when they are in a safe and healthy learning environment, when they feel responsible for their successes and limitations, and when they have dynamic and passionate teachers engaging them in active learning experiences.  

    Our district embraces the cultural diversity of its student population as a way of enriching their experiences and better preparing them for success in the world in which they live and will work.  In addition to the wide range of academic, related arts, and extracurricular activities our school offers, we have placed great emphasis upon providing our staff with effective training in understanding and preparing for the transition to the Common Core State Standards.  This shift in learning expectations is designed to be focused, coherent, clear and rigorous, and is anchored in college and career readiness.  

    The 2012 TeachNJ Act unanimously approved what we have always known, that teachers and school leaders have the greatest influence on student learning.  This essential and challenging work will be supported by the new teacher evaluation system selected by our District Evaluation Advisory Committee (DEAC).  All staff members have been thoroughly trained in the expectations of the new evaluation requirements, and will continue to be provided staff development to ensure that they have the tools they need as they consistently develop their craft and help all of our students succeed.

    On behalf of the Board of Education and our school administration, I would like to thank you for being mindful of the fact that education is a partnership between the school, parents and the community.  Our ability to work collaboratively together is the foundation for the success of our students.

    Mr. Hallman
    732-681-2388 Ext. 1120