• I hope your children have enjoyed the start of the 2013-2014 school year as much as I have!
    This year we are embarking on a new and fun way to build vocabulary and phonics skills! It's called Just Words! The students have their own kits which include a magnetic journal and a full compliment of letters, digraphs, suffixes, prefixes, etc.,  as well as student notebooks and challenge workbooks! Every day the students use various array of activities to help every learner succeed including tapping and skywriting!
    Students work under the "I Do, We Do, You Do" premise which allows the student to see it modeled, taught with teacher support, and ultimately done successfully by themselves. During this time students will also work in pairs and small groups.
    I really like this program and kids seem to as well!


    Envisions is our brand new math series hereat Belmar Elementary School!

    It is set up nicely in that it correspondswith the common core standards. they help pinpoint exactly what needs to becovered so that each student is well prepared to take the NJASK in the spring!

    Topics include: place value, addition,subtraction, Multiplication, division, analyzing patterns, fractions, unitmeasurement, and geometry!

    Students will be using not only the text andworkbook but will spend the majority of each lesson involved using manipulativewhich include: 100 number/blank charts, graph paper, flash cards, countingsquares, calculators, white boards, pattern blocks, etc.

    As with ELA, students will learn under the "IDo, We Do, You Do" premise. They will also work in pairs and small groupsand use strategies such as “think, Pair, share”