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    Welcome to 3rd grade!

     The following is some information that should
    be helpful for the start of school.
    School begins at 8:05 am and ends at 2:55 pm.  It is important to be to school on time, and to be picked up promptly.  
    Teachers have other obligations after school: professional and personal.
    Students are to bring a healthy snack every day if they choose.  Please see list sent home on first day for good choices for snack. 

    We eat lunch every day at 12:19pm. After eating, the students will have recess outside, weather permitting. Please dress appropriately for the weather. Half day dismissals are at 1pm and lunch will be served, unless otherwise noted on the school calendar.

    Homework-Homework is important because it provides practice for the skills taught during the day. It is part of the marking period grade. In English Language Arts students are required to read 2 steps(30 minutes) Monday through Thursday and 4 steps over the weekend.  I will assign a skill learned in class to completed as HW too.  Math HW will also be assigned Monday through Thursday and some weekends.  On occasion, your child may have SS/Science HW.

    Classwork/Tests: Your child will bring home classwork, checked HW, and notices in their regular everyday folder.  Please make sure to check their folder daily for papers.  It is important to establish a routine of checking folders/organizing them daily.  Most Fridays, your child will bring home a Friday Folder.  In it you will find tests and other classwork.  Please review contents, sign tests if asked, and return the folder on Monday.  This is one of the ways I keep in touch with grades.

    Birthdays---You are welcome to send in healthy treats to celebrate your child's birthday in our class.  Please let me know beforehand the date and time you plan to bring in the treats.  

    Contact Information:Please feel free to contact me at
    anytime with questions and/or concerns. You can call the school (732-681-2388  X1102) and leave a
    message, send in a note, or email (morello@belmar.k12.nj.us)

    I am looking forward to a wonderful productive year!!

    Marking Periods 1 & 2                     Marking Periods 3 & 4

    Day 1                      Spanish                                               Technology                                                 

    Day 2                       Gym                                                         Gym                                              

    Day 3                       Art                                                           Music  
    Health: Mondays 
    Library:   Every other Thursday with Ms. DeCarolis
    STEM with Mr. Charette: Fridays
    Just because something is difficult doesn't mean you shouldn't try, it means you should try harder!