•  Mrs. Maroney-2nd Grade

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    Welcome to 2nd Grade!!!
    I am excited about the opportunity to get to know you and am looking forward to a
    happy and productive school year. The following is some information that should
    be helpful for the start of school.

    Specials Schedule:

    Day 1 - Art

    Day 2 - World Cultures
    Day 3- Gym
    We also have:

    Classroom Rules
    To stay safe and learn as much as I can, I will:
    * Be kind to others.
    * Keep my hands to myself.
    * Be responsible for my actions.
    * Find appropriate ways to express my feelings.
    *Take care of things in our classroom.
    * Cooperate with teachers and other students.
    * Be honest and trustworthy.
    * Get permission from the teacher before leaving the classroom.
    * Be quiet in the halls and follow the leader.
    * Clean up when I am finished.
    * Work to be the best of my abilities.
    * Be ready to learn.
    **Please review the rules with your children.
     Some Important Information:

      Folders-with your child’s weekly work will be sent home on most Fridays. Please look over their assignments/grades and keep the papers home. Then sign the folder so we know you have seen their papers/tests and return it on Monday.

    Holiday parties-We will celebrate the usual holiday parties during the school year. We will
    notify you in advance if vounteers and materials are needed. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    Birthdays-  If you would like to send in a treat for your child's birthday I ask that you please keep in mind possible food allergies and send me an email or note the day before.  Thank you!

    Contact Information:
    Please feel free to contact me at
    anytime with questions and/or concerns. You can call the school and leave a
    message, send in a note, or email us

    You can contact me by phone at 732.681.2388 ext. 1104

     Room 104

    I am looking forward to a great year!

    Childhood is not a race, but a wonderful journey full of joys, pitfalls and learning.
    Acquire not only learning, but the habit of learning!