Reading homework is assigned each night. All assignments should be checked and signed daily. The parent or guardian should sign the reading log each night to be sure all assignments were completed. Any oral reading to be done as homework MUST be signed or it will not count.
    All 100 Book Challenge Reading Steps should be logged and signed daily--2 steps Monday through Friday and 4 steps over the weekend.

    Math practice-- Flashcards and website practice as the year progresses.
    If your child does not complete all of his or her homework from the evening before, the child will receive a zero for the missing assignment(s).

    ****Each student is given and individualized Power Goal that needs to be worked on.***  Check the blue folder to see notes from conferencing teacher(s).
    Helpful Websites for Homework Practice
     http://spellingcity.com        (login name and password on the teacher (left side) is Belmar1)
    http://raz-kids.com                (firstgradeclass1) 

    ixl.com (20 free questions daily)
    In the classroom, the rules and consequences are have been reviewed for appropriate behavior. Each student is aware of the behavior policy. If a child is having difficulty behaving, they may get their name entered in the behavior log. You will be notified via the Friday slip each week if that is the case for your child. For more severe behavior problems, you will be notified right away.
    If the misbehavior continues, Mr. Hallman will be contacted. A parent conference may be necessary to see if we can work together to improve the behavior.
    If your child is experiencing difficulty in a particular subject, I will notify you so we can discuss how to help your child improve.
    If necessary, arrangements can be made with me to work with your child to improve their confidence and help them meet with success. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. My email is donovan@belmar.k12.nj.us and my phone number is (732) 681­-2388 at extension 1116. Leave a message and I will call you back as soon as possible
    I am looking forward to working with you and your child this year. 
    the more you show an interest in your child's work,
    the more likely they will be to do a great job!
    Special Classes Schedule 
    Day 1--Spanish/Computers
    Day 2--Gym
    Day 3--Art/Music
    Library--every other Wednesday

    Understanding addition and subtraction
    Addition and subtraction number sentences and stories
    Addition and subtraction strategies--facts 
    Place Value

    Language and Grammar
    100 Book Challenge
    Sentence structure
    Capitals and proper punctuation . ? !
    Subjects and predicates
    Review of short and long vowels
    Sight words
    Study skills, comprehension, writing, spelling, and phonics all in one
    Making predictions, inflectional endings, and story elements
    Practice words daily
    Two times each, ABC order, sentences, scrambles, wordsearches, rainbow words, etc
    Sentence dictation
    Spelling City
    Social Studies
    Being a good citizen-Respect
    Where we live
    Geography on a map and a globe
    Map skills (keys, symbols, compass rose, etc)

    Air and Weather
    Balance and Motion
    Observation & Prediction
    kid with hwk